The witch gave them

...the dimension traveling...

The story is far from simple when it comes to CLAMP, but in this series, they gave everything they had to actually make it complicated and confusing till the end, and give an ending that makes you say – here will come a sequel, really.

The peculiarity of this series is not it’s confusing and complicated story, but actually the fact that is the companion to the series XXXHOLiC and to actually understand parts of one you have to read the other.

We have four main characters that are Syaoran, Sakura, Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane. Sakura is a princess of a Clow country and Syaoran is son to an archeologist and also friend to the princess. So when she get her memories scatter per dimensions, he is the one who tries to save her bringing her to the Dimension Witch (that’s Yuuko), along with the two of them also appear the blond Fai and the black-haired Kurogane, who also need to travel the dimensions for their own proposes, while helping Sakura and Syaoran gathering together the princess’ memories, that have a form of a feather. And that’s the beginning of the story, but the story arrives to be much more complicated, and even if it is finished (28 volumes) I still don’t feel I’m actually good at explaining how the whole story goes, I think to actually understand, or at least make yourself an idea, it’s the best to read it out.

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