...her friends...

1. Fortune Teller – Volume 2
The nice old lady, who later takes in Kohane. She seems having quite strong bond with Yuuko. She also comments that Yuuko started Watanuki’s transformation and later she admits that her first divination to Watanuki have been interpreted wrongly. While his parents are really in some other place, that doesn’t mean we talk about heaven (just about the tube in Yuuko’s shop)

2. Fox spirit (Owners of oden stand) – Volume 3
The father fox and son fox who have this oden stand, which Yuuko says is the best oden, and likes it really much. Both of the spirits hold in high regard Yuuko, while the younger fox becomes friends with Watanuki.

3. Zashiki-Warashi – Volume 4
She is the pure spirit and a really nice timid girl. She can be said as a friendly spirit.

4. Akari (neko spirit) – Volume 6
The cat spirit that comes once a year to visit Yuuko, appearing from a small framed picture and gives Watanuki a Houzuki by Yuuko’s request. She calls her Yuuko-chan.