...wise words...

Volume 1

p.16: Whit the knowledge of the person’s name, one can lay hold a piece of person’s soul.

p.19: There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. The only thing is hitsuzen.

p.25: Proper compensation must be made for offered goods or services.

p.32: A soul could be an item of great value to a person. To have your wish granted, the only payment must be something of great value.

p.36: A bond of fate never disappears once tied.

p.37: Everything that happens in a person’s lifetime has a meaning.

p. 98: The problem is habits. There is nothing anyone else can do to cure them. You have to cure them yourself.

p.103: A world just is! And you make it!

p.144: Quitting something and doing something both have the same meaning. They are accomplishments.

p.149: You understand the pain and weight of what you are giving up, and yet you are still willing. This is what you live for. That is what being prepared means.

Volume 2

p.94: One works to the extent that one is paid. And one is paid compensatory to one’s work. That’s what professional is.

Volume 3

p. 83: Good and evil are concepts that humans decide. Those concepts don’t apply to nonhumans.

p.98: There is an affinity between things and humans. Those with an affinity get along well.

p.161: No one can consider themselves special.

Volume 4

p.110: Words have life. And in time, they can even bind one’s right to live.

Volume 5

p. 125: Even if you love someone, if you don’t know how to deal with them, it’ll turn to violence.

Volume 6

p. 64: Since there are few people who will believe in anything inhuman… Almost as if it were a code, (that warning) will creep into human consciousness.

p.152: No matter what the decision is, you’re the one deciding it. And if you feel no regrets, then that’s the end of it.

Volume 7

p. 107: One shouldn’t say “I’ll pay anything” quite so easily.

Volume 8

p 113: I doubt there is a single person in this world that belongs only to themselves… When someone makes a connection there is always something shared. And so people will never be completely free. It’s THAT which brings out fun… and sadness… and love.