...who she is...

I’ll try to analyze her, but I can’t promise to be good, simply because this character is really still an enigma to me, and that’s probably why I love her so much.
I’m almost convinced that we never actually saw her real personality, because everything she does to me seems like an endless act, maybe I can call it actress-personality. There are so many ways to see her, because she can be dead serious, and scare you to death, but at the same time she acts immature and all happy-go, and sometimes when she is happy about something we could call it not only immature but a completely childish act.

But on the other side, while reading thru the whole story you come to realize that Yuuko is much more then what she wants people to believe, and that’s someone who just wants to correct her mistakes, because that’s what it is. It doesn’t matter what she and Clow were, it matters that because of them the time halted and the loop was created, a loop that it is her duty to cut. So while Clow tried to stop it going to prepare princess Sakura (the Tsubasa – the clone) himself, Yuuko stayed at her shop gathering power and waiting for the moment to happen.

She is compassionate, because when Syaoran stopped the time, and that’s taboo, from him was born Watanuki, who would have been killed or simply used by Fei Wong, but Yuuko stepped in it and saved the boy, knowing that one day their paths will cross again and that she will be able to make him believe.
She still is able to enjoy the time that she has, because just sitting and doing nothing is not really amusing. So she pesters Watanuki and also has parties with Mokona. But when a costumer comes to her, she stops for a moment and shows that she is intelligent, and that she does grant wishes, but the person has to pay with something equally big. That doesn’t mean she steps in their life, she gives the direction, tries to make them understand, but if the customer is so self centered not to listen to her. Then, that’s their problem, that most of the times leads to death.

She is stubborn and believes in what she does, because if she wouldn’t believe in it, then there would be no point of actually doing it. She has a huge amount of patience, showing it while she waits for things to happen, because everything is hitsuzen.