Truths behind

...the butterfly of life and death...

There are two ways of looking at Yuuko's symbol - butterfly.

The butterfly has a special meaning in all cultures around the world... often related in some way to the idea of a person's soul, or of a transformation taking place in life. In fact, the ancient Greek word for butterfly is a word which actually means "soul" or "mind."

1. Western myth:
In the greek mythology there is a myth in which two souls destroyed something beautiful to live forever... we still don't know why Yuuko's time was stopped, but we know that Shaoran stopped it to save Sakura's life, so it could be one reference to it. I still need to do some research on this one.

2. Eastern myth:
In eastern philosophy we have actually another explanation, that I think is more Yuuko's, in Japanese culture a butterfly is the personification of a person's soul, whether they be living, dying, or already dead.