Her magic

...the power in her hands...

Yuuko is definitely a powerful witch and that means she has an extraordinary power that gave her the reputation as Dimensional Witch.
In this page I’ll analyze some of her arcane abilities and magic powers.

Seeing unseen things

This is the first power we come to know, at the beginning of the series, where she comes in contact for the first time with Watanuki, she reads his background using a mirror and a seer pool with the knowledge of his real name and a personal object.

Creating mystical objects

Here is a vast category of things she can create, but the most important object, if we can call it that way, are definitely the two Mokona Modoki - . They are special, because she didn’t do them alone, but together with Clow Reed, and they were made for an exact moment that will happen in past/present/future. This could be also saying that she and Clow created gods, because the original Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth is the god who crated earth and the world where the main characters go to fight.

There is also the creation of the “Aurora Path” passage to Ginza from her shop. From the store to Ginza is a long way and probably walking there would take hours.

Endowing People and objects with power

Yuuko can write a name on a metal baseball bat and this will have the same powers as the item which’s name was taken.

She can also speak or deliver messages with her voice through Maru and Moro.

Transforming a handkerchief in a flying animal (butterfly, bird) that searches for the person/item/location who she wants to find.