Glossary explain the unknown...

Here are the words that I used somewhere in the shrine, and probably this part of shrine will be growing with every update and for every word that needs explanation.

Aurora Path – The path that Yuuko creates to arrive to Ginza in just few minutes simply walking is actually an idea she got from the Amala Network that appears in the video game Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. This network in the game connects several in-game locations and it’s a series of corridors running on spiritual energy. (The offical xxxHolic guide, p.80)

Hozuki - Spelled with the characters for “demon” and “lamp”, Houzuki is a vegetable in the eggplant family that is also called the “Chinese Lantern Plant”. The fruit looks like tiny lanterns, about an inch long. Of course the houzuki of the spirit world are both larger and give off light. (xxxHolic Volume 6 p.179)