Fei Wang Reed

...the one that is the enemy...

This relationship is even more obscure then the one Yuuko has with Clow Reed, reading between the lines from both series, we can’t even arrive to know if they actually had a relationship, but we can find out that they did at least meet once in their life time.

Looking around for information about Fei Wang we arrive to think he has some family tie to Clow, just because of his surname, while in Wikipedia they say that he is a relative, I would personally say (this is speculation MY OWN point of view on this character) that he is Clow’s brother who was always envious of him and that after Clow with his thought has stopped Yuuko’s time so she wouldn’t die, he decided that he would do something better, even if it’s taboo and resurrect the witch. For a moment I wanted to be a romantic and thought he was in love with her, but then I came to the conclusion that, no, he just wanted to show the world (worlds, read it as you wish) that he is the best, even better of the most powerful magician of all dimensions.

So what I could understand from the manga is that he wants to use Yuuko and resurrect her so he would be like the best, and more powerful than Clow.