...they have wishes...

1. Watanuki Kimihiro – Volume 1
He wishes to get rid of seeing spirits.

2. The girl who lies – Volume 1
Her wish is to be able to move normally her finger, saying she has a problem with it. What she doesn’t see is that black cloud that is blocking her smallest finger, that’s the black cloud of “bad habit”. The costumer says she has no bad habits, even if she is a big liar. Yuuko tries to make the girl understand, but she never does. She dies.

3. Computer addict housewife – Volume 1
This one, is special, Yuuko does home-visit with her. This woman’s problem is her addiction to the computer and social networks (a common thing now days), but this addiction is putting her marriage and family happiness in danger. She knows the problem and she tries to win it, even if Yuuko has to cut in two her notebook.

4. Shaoran (clone), Sakura (clone), Fai and Kurogane – Volume 1 and 2
Each of them has a different wish, but they will get it the same way. While Shaoran and Sakura need to travel dimensions to find her memories, Fai doesn’t want to go back to his home world, while Kurogane wants to go back to his home world. The solution is having Mokona Soel and travel dimensions.

5. Himawari (on behave of her friend) – Volume 3
The problem at her friend’s school is “angel-san” an ouja board and students using it called lot of bad spirits and stuff at the school. So Yuuko sends Watanuki and Doumeki to solve the problem – exorcise the bad stuff.

6. The too ambitious sensei – Volume 3
Even if Yuuko tells her not to open the cylinder, she still opens it. The trainee teacher is ambitious and “calculating” person. She wants an easy way to have success, which leads to her death, she did what she was told not to.

7. Twin sisters – Volume 4
One of them is over confident, while the other is completely lacking of confidence. The older one is the one that is “bind by words”, the pessimistic attitude makes her that she fails in everything, but her wish is to change so Yuuko grants it and takes as payment her hair.

8. Ame Warashi – Volume 5
The one that asks to help hydrangeas, because they grew too big and are the wrong color, because a girl was murdered and buried unther them poisoning them. She does it for the flowers not for the girl.

9. The assassin woman – Volume 7
There was a crime that happened after the photo was taken, and the photo wants to show it. The woman killed another woman. Yuuko grants her wish and destroys the photo, but the price is never to be cought on tape, film, photo or similar. (An impossible thing in modern era)

10. Doumeki Shizuka and Kimihiro Watanuki – Volume 7 and 8
When Doumeki breaks the spider web, the spider spirit wants his eye. Watanuki gives his eye for Doumeki’s eye, which leads to the fact that Doumeki gives to Yuuko half of his eye, so when Watanuki looses completely his eye, he still can see, when Yuuko gives Doumeki’s half eye to him.

11. Karasu tengu – Volume 8
Their wish is to save Zashiki-Warashi who went to try and get Watanuki’s eye from the Queen of the spider spirits. Yuuko sends Watanuki along with Mugetsu.

12. Shaoran (Real) – Volume 9
When his time begins running again he arrives again at her shop and his wish is to arrive where the group from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is and to save his Sakura. In that moment he also pays a price in advance for what will happen soon to Watanuki.

13. Neko Musume – Volume 10
She suffers because of hot weather and Yuuko gives her a special hat that lowers the temperature. Her price is to show Watanuki the well with pure water, that later will be send to the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle group.

14. Doumeki Shizuka and Kunogi Himawari – Volume 10
Their wish is save Watanuki’s life. One gives his blood (Doumeki) and one takes the scars (Himawari). From this moment both are able to enter the shop, which before they couldn’t, they become costumers, real costumers.

15. The Ghost girl – Volume 11
The ghost girl that doesn’t know she is the ghost. Her problem is that she is afraid of the house she hunts, and thinks she is alive, but doesn’t see the people who actually live in the house. In the end she gets exorcised.

16. Tsuyuri Kohane – Volume 13
Her wish is to make her mother happy again. The payment is too big, so Yuuko doesn’t make her wish come true. But tells her how she can do it. The payment is Sakura’s feather she is carrying in herself, and that one is Sakura’s memories of Shaoran.

17. The woman who wants to cook – Volume 14
This is the costumer that Yuuko passes on Watanuki, so more than Yuuko’s costumer, she is first Watanuki’s costumer and last Yuuko’s, before her time begins running again.