Alcohol and Snacks

Everybody who read the series has definitely noticed that Yuuko drinks a lot and she drinks “expensive” stuff, showing an impeccable sense of taste.
1. Beer: the first time we see it is after the round of ghost stories at Doumeki’s temple, when Yuuko with Mokona enjoy a glass of beer together. Another time is after a game of baseball when Yuuko drinks the Blue Label brand.

2. Champagne: she drinks it always when she thinks there is something to celebrate and to get a days “fill of good liquor”. That means that she probably drinks it on daily basis.

3. Whiskey: During a game of chess with Mokona the drink to go along is a glass of Yamazaki’s whiskey

4. Calvados: Yuuko demands a bottle of Calvados to go with the fondant au chocolat that Watanuki made.

5. Awamori: is one of the drinks Yuuko chooses to drink along with the fox-spirit oden, but it’s also the bottle of the Kuro-shinju brand that she brings as a gift to the fortune teller.

6. Sake: is really loved by Yuuko especially when she can combine it with watanuki’s teppan chicken, while during the Akari (cat-shaped visit)’s visit they drink together the Hatsukame brand.

7. Makkori: is the drink that Yuuko decides will go well with the Korean noodles that Watanuki will prepare for dinner.


There are some things that for Yuuko are simple necessities and she uses them daily and in her common practices. Those examples are :

1. Kodansha Japanese Desk Dictionary – she loves to quote from it when defining difficult words.

2. Puppet (duck) – the duck puppet that was the one that gave Watanuki first kiss, something she uses to make Watanuki angry

3. Old timer phone – it’s the phone in her shop, an old-fashioned, rare rotary phone.

4. Tobacco pipe – she is not Yuuko without it, she puts a rounded bit of shredded tobacco into the gooseneck bowl and then lights it to smoke.

5. Eki-Yakabe – the cure for hangovers

Anime and Manga

During the series we can catch the fact that Yuuko makes lot of references to many old anime and manga hits. Watanuki loves to call them “pre-war”.
The some of the manga that she refers to are: Macaroni Houren-sou by Tsubame Komogawa. Then she uses a line said by Goemon Ishikawa from Lupin III. She refers also to Hojo’s Cat’s Eye at one moment .

Mokona Patterns

During the series we find out that there are lot of things with mokona patterns on it that have place in the shop. At one point she plays chess and we can see that the pieces are styled after Mokona. When she plays cards with Maro and Moro, they are Mokona-themed cards, aside the fact that also her plastic pool has a design of white and black Mokona on it.