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- it's nice having you around, you are now virewing the shrine dedicated to the one and only Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa Reservoir Cronichle.
This site is full of unmarked spoliers so be aware that you can stumble upon them without knowing it.
This is a shrine dedicated to one of my favourite characters, most of the content will be on how I think of her, I'm in no way affiliated with CLAMP nor I'm a mind reader. Here you'll find my love for the character and how I feel her tru the series. If you disagree with me, then please don't send me flames or similar, remember this is a fan tribute so it's my own personal point of view. But on the other hand you are welcome to contribute in the media section.

~ Saya at SilverBlood.Net | Updated January 2017

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